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LeKeith created TAYLORED in 2012, as a play on his last name but more importantly as a way to define the customized approach and level of creative strategy, insight, taste and detail immersed into all projects.  

Because in an always-on world of fragmentation, disruption and rapid technological advancement, the need for creative, customized solutions is more important than ever. 




1.  Always be creating.

Because the creation of moments, things, accomplishments and experiences it is the only true path to success. 


2. Create a standard for yourself and work you do. 

For me, if it doesn't make sense, look right, feel right or add value to whoever consumes it, I will not do it or participate in it. That goes for a marketing strategy, a business or product I develop. Having this standard has helped me throughout my career. 


3. Give more value than you take. 

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4. Be authentic to who you are

I've been to 17 countries and counting. Everywhere I've been in the world I've created relationships and met amazingly great people. I firmly believe that the energy you put out is what the universe sends you in return. The law of attraction is real. 


5. Think design in everything you do. 

In my 30+ years of life, I've never met a person who didn't appreciate or like a good, quality designed product. 


6. Create your own rules, including what success looks like. 

We tend to look at others and feel like we need to do what they're doing. But we're comparing our behind the scenes to everyone else's highlight reel. You can't recreate a fingerprint. Do what YOU love to do and find your own version of dopeness that's authentic to you. People can smell bullshit a mile away. 



Born and raised in Chicago, IL,  I was fascinated with shows like Where in The World is Carmen Santiago, Silver Hawks, Thundercats, the Jetsons and C.O.P.S. which jumpstarted my creative imagination. I was always gifted with the ability to draw, so I started  drawing the cartoon characters I saw on TV and inserting myself to the stories. Then, I started drawing things I saw around Chicago.  Then, I was introduced to Michael Jordan and the game of basketball which brought my world to a screeching halt. From that point on, the culture of hoops ruled my entire existence, from taping Chicago Bulls games on VHS to collecting basketball cards to making my first basketball team at 10 years. This basketball journey led me to Southern Illinois University Carbondale where I was blessed with the opportunity to join a Division 1 Sweet 16 team as a walk-on. He spent his days Southern Illinois University where he 

The Rocky Mountains were basically my playground growing up, so I feel more comfortable climbing up solid granite than the colorful handholds at the local rock climbing gym. I boulder and climb indoors during the winter months, but sometimes those colors just confuse me. I like to make things up as I go. I compete internationally, but still live in Jackson, close to my parents, sister and nieces. I still do climbs with my mom and together—much to my sister’s chagrin—we’re starting to teach Kayla’s girls. I’m hoping to take them with me to my next competition at Lake Tahoe, California.



Creative. Strategic. Focused.  In love with the process of taking ideas from 


Make it exception or don't make it at all. 



Always Be Creating. 



“ALWAYS BE CREATING because the world is a canvas for us to paint our imaginations on. From ideas to travel experiences to career paths; we shouldn't wait for things to happen, we need go make them happen and create the life we want. Because the act of creating unlocks countless opportunities for new life trajectories and best predicting what your future looks like.  




"LeKeith is just this cool customer who always takes care of business"

David Carney, Former Teammate, Southern Illinois University Basketball


"LeKeith is the type of person you want in front of clients or working to build bridges among teams to develop multi-platform, trans-media strategic marketing/branding campaigns. He's a very likeable person with the type of persona that doesn't need to scream to get things finished."

Michael LeFort,  Founder & President, Mammalfish


"I met LeKeith at MetLife and although we worked in different capacities it was very obvious that LeKeith demonstrated a great work ethic and was extremely knowledgeable about the marketing industry. He consistently demonstrated a passion for his craft and an impressive level of professionalism, which was well-respected throughout the organization. 

He is dedicated to his projects and strives for perfection through his consultative approach to produce the best product for his clients while incorporating core marketing concepts. His creative ability and strategic insights are extremely profound and without hesitation, I would hire LeKeith with complete confidence to manage a project that required an individual, who is creative, detail-orientated, and resourceful. 

His ability to identify details that usually go unnoticed is one of the many examples of LeKeith's ability to add value to any project."

Danielle Little, HR Business Partner, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield





"LeKeith is an outstanding asset to any team. He has a variety of outstanding skills and abilities including being extremely professional, detailed, and organized. Most importantly, LeKeith has an awesome personality, is well liked by everyone, and was consistently the first one to the office and last to leave.

Jed Berger, VP of Brand Marketing, Foot Locker


"LeKeith is a great partner and better person. I enjoyed the privilege of working with LeKeith over the course of more than a year and he was always armed with information and willing to take away challenging tasks. He was often thrown into the fire due to the nature of his role and he managed client expectations very well."

Geoff Spies, MetLife, Director of Sponsorship and Promotions


"I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with Lekeith for a handful of years now, and he's always been the epitome of a stand up guy and class act. He is an extraordinary creative mind, with the ability to capture a vision and execute with amazing accuracy; sometimes far exceeding expectations. Lekeith is also very analytical and strategic in his approach which is a very desirable skill when dealing with very complex projects. He is very professional, timely, and personable. I believe that he would be an asset to any project or company looking to bring him on board"

Dewane Mutunga, Independent Brand Strategist