BRAND: Land Rover 

LOCALE: New York City


Immediately after its launch in 2012, the Range Rover Evoque garnered world-wide acclaim with over 100 global awards and accolades making it the most awarded SUV of 2012. But on a regional level in the New York market, sales were below expectations and leads were falling with potential buyers in a "wait and see" mode due to the Evoque's recent entry into the market. As a part of the BrightLine Interactive TV ad team,  we pitched an interactive campaign ad to drive interest, intrigue, consideration and lead for the Range Rover Evoque through a dedicated interactive TV channel. 

THE WORK: Project Management (Ideation, Strategic Planning, UI/UX Design, Content Creation & Development, Execution)


2.6 MM DVR-Proof Impressions during one-week flight time. 

37% lift in awareness of Range Rover Evoque.

143K unique visits to channel with a CTR of 0.81% and average time spent of 6.5 minutes. 

A 70% lift in brand consideration.